Garage Door Repair And Replacement Questions Answered

Garage door problems can be serious issues for a homeowner to address due to the costs involved, as well as the dangers posed by the extreme weight of these large doors. In order to be prepared to minimize the disruptions that garage door problems may cause, you should understand some of the more basic aspects of garage door repairs and installations. Can A Damaged Garage Door Be Repaired? There can be many different ways that a garage door may become damaged. Read More 

4 Steps for Cleaning Your Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door tracks are an important part of your garage door system. If they aren't kept clean, the debris can get in the way of your garage door going up and down as it's supposed to. Fortunately, cleaning your garage door tracks is something that you can do yourself if you have a ladder and a little bit of spare time. These are the four steps that you'll need to take in order to thoroughly clean your garage door tracks: Read More