2 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Is Making A Screeching Noise

While opening and closing your garage door, you may have started hearing a screeching noise. After trying to pinpoint the location of the sounds, you may believe that it is coming from the garage door opener.

Although the screeching noises can be caused by bad tracks, rollers, or springs, you may be correct in thinking that the opener is making the sounds. Below are a couple of possible reasons why your garage door opener is making screeching noises and should be looked at by a professional repair technician.

1. Gears That Work the Chain Are Worn Down and Need to Be Replaced

One possible reason why the door opener for your garage is making screeching noises is that the gears are wearing down. When the signal is sent to the opener to move the door, the gears start to rotate, moving the chain that lifts or lowers the door.

However, if these gears start to wear down, their teeth will start slipping out of the slots of the metal chain, which causes the screeching noise. Since the wearing of the gears' teeth will only get worse, you need to have a professional verify they are causing the sound so that the gears can be replaced.

2. Moving Parts Are Dry and Need to Be Professionally Lubricated

Another possible reason why screeching noises are coming from the garage door opener is that the moving parts have become dry due to a lack of lubrication. The lubrication will start to deteriorate over the years, and it will also wear down when exposed to extremes in cold and hot weather. 

Because the moving parts are no longer properly lubricated, the bare metal parts will rub together, which will create the loud screeching noise you hear. Since the parts will quickly wear down and break without it, you will need to have a professional open up the garage door opener and thoroughly lubricate them after checking their condition.

If you hear screeching noises whenever the garage door opener is operating, the gears may be worn down or the moving parts may need to be lubricated. However, the noises may also be caused by a number of mechanical issues, such as bent tracks or damaged torsion springs. Contact a professional garage door repair service to make an appointment to have someone inspect to find the exact cause of the sounds so that they can fix it. 

For more info about garage door repair, contact a local company.