How To Replace Garage Door Panels

Garage doors are a huge part of the exterior style of your home. Just like other design elements around your house, they can fade and become outdated. New garage panels also offer you a great chance to add insulation to your garage, making it a more usable and comfortable room. If you spend a lot of time doing crafts and hobbies in your garage, you will appreciate having a room where it is easier to control the temperature. Read More 

3 Tips To Prevent Future Repairs When Installing A New Garage Door

If you're building a home and are in the process of installing a garage door, or if you are replacing the garage door and opening system in your existing home, then you could be wondering what you can do to keep your garage door in good, like-new condition for as long as possible. Following these tips can help you prevent future repairs and headaches. 1. Choose the Right Garage Door Read More 

3 Signs You Should Install A New Garage Door And Opener

You may not have thought about buying a new garage door and opening system, but doing so can be a wise decision for many homeowners. These are a few signs that this may be something for you to look into. 1. Your Garage Door is Old If your garage door itself is old, then it might be making your home look outdated, particularly if you have updated other parts of your home's exterior. Read More 

Maintain Your Garage Door

A garage door can be a good investment. One of the best things that you are doing is protecting your vehicle. If your car has to be out in the snow and the other elements, it is taking a pretty good beating. A garage is also a very good way to keep your home clean from extra dust and other debris. However, installing a garage door and then forgetting about it could be a big mistake. Read More 

Steel Or Vinyl…Which Material Should You Choose For Your New Garage Door?

When choosing a new garage door, it's not always easy to be sure that you have chosen the right material. For instance, you might be surprised to discover that while steel doors can be made of two layers of steel, they are still not impervious to corrosion from moisture. In addition, vinyl doors are often harder to damage, but they can warp when there are significant temperature changes outside. If you are torn between the above options for your new garage door, you need to be aware of the following information. Read More