Window, Door, And Garage Security Tips For Your Home

When it comes to better securing your home, you more than likely know the main areas of concern, such as making sure you have solid doors with good deadbolts on them and having a security system with cameras in place. However, homes have a few major weaknesses that a lot of people tend to neglect when they are ramping up on their home security. Your windows, sliding glass doors, and garage are some major weaknesses in your home that you don't want to ignore.

About your windows

Double-paned windows are a great idea for a variety of reasons; two important things they help to do is keep the home better insulated and add more strength to the windows. If you have single-paned windows right now, consider making the jump to double-paned ones throughout the house. You also want to be sure the window frames are in good condition and the locks are impenetrable from the outside of the house. Don't leave the windows unlocked when you are away from home, or even when you are home and not paying attention to them; doing this leaves you open to the possibility of someone crawling right through them.

About your sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are also big weaknesses in a home. If you have sliding glass doors in your home, you want to be sure they are solid, secure ones; they should have high-quality frames, double-paned glass, high-quality locks, and they should have locking mechanisms that are located in the center and on the top or bottom of the door. If there aren't enough locks, then a person will be able to move the door in a manner that rocks it off the tracks, so it will come open and they can gain entry into your home. If you are lacking any of the things described here, you should have them installed as soon as possible.

About your garage

The positioning of your garage alone can put it at greater risk of being broken into; it's hard to hear or see what is going on in most garages, and this is why it's so important to strengthen its main door, side door, and windows as much as possible. Windows should have secure locks and there should be thick coverings on them that prevent people from looking into the garage. The main door should be in great shape, and if it is an automatic door then the emergency latch should be zip-tied in place to prevent someone from pulling it from the outside. The side door should be solid with a deadbolt as well. For more information, contact companies like Guaranteed Door Service.