Need A New Garage Door Installed? Why You Shouldn’t Forget The Tracks

If you need to have a new garage door installed, don't forget about the tracks. If the tracks are in good condition, you might think you can save money by leaving them in place. That's not the case though. In most cases, new tracks are included in the cost of the garage door installation. Even if they're not, you'll still save money by including new tracks with your garage door installation. This is especially true when you consider the benefits of new tracks. If you still don't think you need new tracks, read the list provided below. Here are four of the benefits you'll enjoy when you have the tracks replaced when you install a new garage door. 

Improve Safety

When it comes to installing a new garage door, you want to make sure that you're taking all the safety precautions. One way to do that is to install a new set of tracks with your new garage door. You might not realize this, but tracks are designed to fit specific garage doors. If you have the wrong tracks, your garage door could fail. Not only that, but if your current tracks have hidden damage, your garage door could jump the tracks. To avoid safety concerns, be sure to invest in new tracks for your garage door installation. 

Avoid Malfunctions

If you're having problems with your current garage door, don't leave the old tracks in place. The old tracks could be part of the reason behind the problems you're having with your garage door. If you keep the old tracks, you could end up with the same problems. Also, if the tracks don't line up properly, your garage door could stop in its tracks. Luckily, you can avoid malfunctions. You can install new tracks when you have your garage door installed. 

Enhance Performance

If you want to keep your garage door moving, don't forget to have new tracks installed. Old tracks can cause your garage door to move slowly. That means you could end up waiting longer for your garage door to open and close. You can enhance the performance of your new garage door.  Have new tracks installed when you install your garage door. 

Ensure Warranty Protection

If you're getting a new garage door installed on your home, your door will come with warranty protection. But, if you keep the old tracks, you might not get the protection you need. That's because some companies won't honor the warranty if you don't get new tracks with your garage door.

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