Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Knowing when to replace your garage door opener is essential to keeping your garage safe and operational. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to determine when to get a garage door opener replacement. 

Here are the telltale signs you should replace your garage door opener.

Outdated Technology

If your garage door is outdated, you should consider getting an upgrade. Modern garage door openers have amazing features for convenience. One of the popular features is the exterior keypad that allows you to access your garage from the outside. Similarly, new garage door openers have a battery backup. This feature can be a lifesaver in a power outage situation as it ensures you can still access your garage when there is no electricity. 

Loud Noises

Loud racket noises are a sign your garage door opener needs a replacement. Old garage doors make a lot of noise, and the culprit is usually the garage door chain. Upgrading to a screwdriver opener or a belt drive guarantees quiet garage opening.

Slow Garage Door Operation

If your garage door opener is not working consistently, this is a clear indication you should get a new replacement. A functional garage door opener should be able to open and close your garage door on time. Similarly, if your garage door opener is prone to impulsive directional changes, this could indicate faulty electronics demanding a new garage door opener replacement.

Your Garage Doors Operate Irregularly

If you notice your garage door opens and closes by itself, this is a sign something is wrong. You could be dealing with a faulty wiring system. A garage door that opens and closes by itself poses a security risk. Therefore, ensure you hire certified garage door opener replacement services immediately to have the situation rectified. If the technician determines the electronics on your garage door opener are worn out, you must have it replaced.

Damaged or Worn-Out Garage Door Openers

Old and worn-out garage door openers expose your property to serious security risks. They attract opportunistic burglars to your home. Replacing your worn-out garage door opener with a modern design enhances security. The modern garage door openers have a rolling-code system that generates a new code every time you need to access your garage. This guarantees the safety of your car and your household.

An unreliable garage door opener can be a nuisance. Ensure you call in professional garage door opener replacement services immediately if you notice any of the above signs. Replacing your garage door opener will make your garage door functional again and reinforce security.

For more information on a garage door opener replacement, contact a professional near you.