Common Causes Of Your Garage Door Failure

A garage door is a huge blessing as it shields your car from theft and freezing during the coldest days of the year. But, if you fail to take good care of your garage door, it can turn into a great inconvenience. For example, it would be stressful to wake up late only to find a dysfunctional garage door.

Routine garage door inspection is the best way to avoid such frustrations. That way, your garage door contractor will spot emerging issues early and address them before they escalate. But if you are unsure when to hire the expert, here are some signs indicating that it is the right time to make the call. 

When the Weather Stripping is Inadequate

Over time, the weather seals of your garage door might wear out, leaving the door bare and unprotected. When this happens, moisture will get into the track between the moving parts and the panels. Consequently, the trapped water hardens when the temperature falls, turns into ice, and freezes the door.

A simple solution to defrost the ice is using a hairdryer. However, you'll need to engage a technician to replace the worn-out weather stripping to avoid a freezing incident in the future. 

When the Tracks Get Misaligned

As a result of cold weather, garage doors contract and may cause track warping. This problem can eventually cause the door to get off the track. It is not easy to pull back the garage door to its track without the right skills. Additionally, it is risky as the door can easily fall off and cause injuries due to its bulkiness. So, the best thing is to immediately call a specialist when you notice a misalignment of the door tracks.

When the Garage Door Springs are broken

As the cold weather advances, there is a high possibility of metal cracking and breaking. If you suspect your garage door springs are broken, you should immediately call in a technician to repair your garage door. It is prudent to leave this complex repair work to the experts to avoid costly errors. That's because they have the right tools, knowledge, and skill to ensure professional repair of the springs.

When the Weather Seal Is Frozen

Water collects and freezes around your garage door, which leads to weather stripping during the cold weather and causes it to stick to the ground. Forcing the door to open can cause the strip to peel off, leaving the door without proper insulation. The best way to deal with the frozen weather seal is to brush the snow away to prevent damaging the weather stripping.

While some garage door malfunctions are easy to solve, some are technical and require an expert hand. Therefore, when you notice any of the issues above, contact a garage door repair technician.