Have A New Home With A Patio? Consider Getting Motorized Patio Screens Installed

Did you recently make a move to a new home with a patio? You may feel excited about having a chance to sit out on the patio while entertaining guests or relaxing. Now that you live in a home with a patio, consider getting motorized screens installed. These screens are useful for homeowners in a lot of different ways.

Why Get Motorized Patio Screens?

If you have a patio, getting motorized patio screens simply makes sense. These screens are convenient to have for the following reasons:

  • They offer the perfect amount of shade to protect against the sun
  • Homeowners can enjoy their privacy while spending time on the patio
  • The patio screens keep the pests out
  • Homeowners can sit out on the patio with their kids or pets without worrying about them getting off the patio and into something in the yard
  • The motorized feature makes it easy to use the screens

Because there are many good reasons to get motorized patio screens, you may want to have them installed. You would need to find experienced contractors that know which steps to take to complete the patio screen installation.

What Steps Are Involved?

Before you have your patio screens installed, you must first have your patio measured by the contractors. Some patios have different shapes and are much larger than others. Taking measurements lets the contractors know how big the screens need to be on each side of the patio. While the contractors take the measurements, you can begin looking at assorted motorized screens, including sheer and semi-sheer options. The color of the screens selected will depend on what matches with your home and what level of privacy you wish to attain. When you want the most privacy possible, you may want to choose the darkest set of motorized patio screens available. The darker shade would make it harder for your neighbors to see you while you are sitting out.

After taking measurements and talking to you about the specific style of motorized patio screens you want to have, the contractors will begin to carefully install those screens around the perimeter of your patio.

If you just moved into a new home and it has a patio, think about getting the motorized patio screens for more protection. These screens will provide you with more privacy while protecting you, your loved ones, and pets from different pests, including annoying bugs that often linger around in the grass. With motorized screens, you can use a remote to adjust your screens at any time. 

To learn more about motorized patio screens, consult a resource in your area.