The Benefits Of Installing Pre-Primed New Garage Doors

New garage doors are often painted or produced in full color at the factory. However, you can also buy and install pre-primed garage doors. There are many benefits to buying garage doors that are ready for you to paint however you like. 

Any Color, Any Pattern

Garage doors typically only come in standard house siding colors, which does allow you to choose a garage door that matches home's siding well. If you have something entirely different in mind, such as a pattern or a color that is not offered, and it's not something you can special order, then the pre-primed door is your best option. If you want to paint your new garage door vibrant yellow with puce cartoon flowers cascading down on a diagonal, you can do that. 

Murals? Yep!

Some people like to show their support for their favorite sports teams or flaunt their patriotism by painting their garage doors with team logos or the American flag. Professional mural painters can apply these designs to your new garage door. Because you installed a pre-primed door, the artist can just start painting without having to wait for the door to be primed and the primer to dry. 

Protection Against the Weather

If you do not have time to paint or stain your garage door for some time, that is not an issue. The primer on the garage door will protect it against the weather for a while before you need to worry about covering the door with something. You can address this at a later date because of the primer's protection. 

The Door Can Stay White, If You Like

The primer on these doors is white. If you would rather that your garage door stay white, you can keep it as is. However, it is a good idea to apply a quick spray coat of white paint over the primer sometime in the next six months or so to preserve the white color of the door and make it easier to clean without blasting the primer off. 

Ask Your Garage Door Contractor About Pre-Primed Doors

If you are interested in purchasing and installing a pre-primed garage door, ask your garage door contractor. He or she may know how to get such a door if he/she does not currently sell them him/herself. Then the door can be installed just like any other door, either before or after you paint it.