Choosing Vinyl Or Wooden Garage Doors

Updating your garage doors is a smart exterior home remodel. Some people overlook their garage doors when it comes to remodels because they don't realize how many benefits they can have. The garage doors are huge and very prevalent. They are often the most noticeable feature on the outside of your home. Most people upgrade their doors and windows before they work on their garage. But, you should upgrade your garage with your new doors and windows in a coordinating style to create a cohesive style on your exterior. First, you need to decide what material works best for your doors. This article looks at the main differences between vinyl and wooden garage doors.

Wooden Doors

Wooden garage doors are usually the most expensive. Homeowners who choose real wood doors usually value authenticity and style. It is hard to deny that wooden doors are stylish. They are great because they can be stained with a clear coat or painted with a solid paint. Furthermore, there are many ornate designs, like Spanish or French-style doors. Basically, it is easy to achieve your desired style and color scheme with wooden garage doors. If most of the exterior trim around your home is also made out of real wood, you will probably want wooden garage doors too.

The only drawbacks to wooden garage doors are that they are heavy, usually more expensive, and they are susceptible to water damage. That means a wooden garage door will need a little more care and maintenance over the years.

Vinyl Doors

Most customers who choose vinyl garage doors value practicality and durability over style. But, this is not to say that vinyl is not stylish. In fact, vinyl is made in a wider range of styles. Vinyl doors are more common than wood doors. This is partly due to the fact that vinyl is more affordable than wood, but also because most homes have neutral trim colors. For instance, customers who just want a solid white door for their home won't really care if the material is wood or vinyl. They just want a reliable material. 

Many vinyl doors have fake wood markings and textures. This is perfect for people who want the look of wood, but don't want to worry about maintaining it. Ultimately, either choice can be a great addition to your home. Just make sure you find a product that fits your price range, garage opener specs, and personal style. For more information, talk with a company like Georgia Garage Doors Inc..