Garage Door Repair And Replacement Questions Answered

Garage door problems can be serious issues for a homeowner to address due to the costs involved, as well as the dangers posed by the extreme weight of these large doors. In order to be prepared to minimize the disruptions that garage door problems may cause, you should understand some of the more basic aspects of garage door repairs and installations.

Can A Damaged Garage Door Be Repaired?

There can be many different ways that a garage door may become damaged. When these damages are to the door itself, repairs may be fairly simple as long as the damage is isolated to the panels on the door. These panels are designed to be easy to remove, which will make replacing damaged ones a simple task. When the damage to the door involves its frame, repairs may not always be possible, which can force you to need to replace the entire door. 

If the motor of the garage door has suffered serious damages or malfunctions, it may be more economical to replace this component as this will not require the other parts of the garage door system to be removed.

What Steps Are Involved With Having Your Current Garage Door Replaced?

The process of replacing your garage door is a fairly complicated one, as it will involve disassembling the door so that it can be removed in pieces. This is necessary as the door will be designed to fit very securely within the guard railings of the door. One of the more complicated processes of removing your current garage door will be detaching it from the motor and lift system. After these steps are completed, the contract will be able to fairly rapidly install the new door, which can minimize the time that the interior of the garage is exposed to the elements.

Will The Process Be Different If You Are Having A New Garage Built?

For homes that do not have a garage, it may be a good investment to have one constructed. When you have a garage built, the door will be one of the last components to be added to the structure. As the garage is nearing completion, the guide railings for the door will be installed, and the motor may also be put into position. Luckily, experienced contractors will be able to complete these installations in a day, which may allow the actual garage door to be installed as soon as possible. Once the railings and lift system are in place, the door's panels will be installed and attached together to complete the door. Lastly, this door will be connected to the lift system and carefully balanced.

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