4 Steps for Cleaning Your Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door tracks are an important part of your garage door system. If they aren't kept clean, the debris can get in the way of your garage door going up and down as it's supposed to. Fortunately, cleaning your garage door tracks is something that you can do yourself if you have a ladder and a little bit of spare time. These are the four steps that you'll need to take in order to thoroughly clean your garage door tracks:

1. Disable Your Garage Door

First of all, for safety reasons, you are going to want to disable your garage door while you are taking on this project. After all, the last thing that you want is for one of your family members to inadvertently press the button on a garage door opener and open the garage door while you're cleaning the tracks. In most cases, you can simply turn off the electricity to the garage door.

2. Use a Stiff Brush

Once you have disabled your garage door and have climbed on a ladder so that you can easily reach the tracks, you'll need to use a stiff brush to clean them. Simply choose one that you can easily hold in your hand, and use it to scrub at any debris that might have built up in the tracks.

3. Use Your Favorite Household Cleaner

Once you have gotten rid of any built-up debris in the garage door tracks, you can then use your favorite household cleaner to get rid of any additional dirt and grime. If the cleaner doesn't seem to remove it at first, you can spray the cleaner and allow it to sit for a few seconds to help break up the dirt and debris before you wipe it away with a clean cloth.

4. Add Lubricant

After you finish cleaning your garage door tracks, you'll need to add a little bit of lubricant. This will help your garage door slide more easily on the tracks and will help prevent friction-related damage. You can purchase a product that is designed specifically to be used on garage door parts, but any standard household lubricant should work well.

Keeping your garage door tracks clean is important, but luckily, it's also fairly easy. If you follow these tips, you should be able to do it on your own. If you find any problems when you're doing so, such as if your garage door tracks seem to be bent or if there is some other type of damage, or if you continue to have problems with your garage door after cleaning the tracks, contact a garage door repair professional to help you out. To learn more, visit sites like http://garagedoorsofnaples.com/.